About Manali

Manali is one of the most scenic hill stations in India. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this cozy little hill station to seek a repose from their hectic lifestyles. As Manali is also the starting point of the ancient route to Ladakh and Karakoram Pass, you get to meet many adventurers and explorers passing through the town.

The Beas flowing through Manali Valley is unparalleled in it meandering beauty, flocked on both sides by rich vegetation and a sprightly wildlife. Wildflowers and fruit laden orchards adorn the river valley and offer a truly mesmerising spectacle of nature’s beauty. There are several tourist spots you should not miss when on a holiday in Manali.

Hotel Natraj, Manali Manali Hidimba Temple Manali

Hidimba Devi Temple

About 15 kilometres from the town, this ancient temple is also know as the Dhoongri Temple. The temple is surrounded by dense forests. It has an intricately carved entrance and the Pagoda-shaped roof.

Hotel Natraj, Manali Manali Manu temple

Manu Temple

This temple is located in Old Manali, and can be reached by taking a half an hour trek on the hill. The resident deity is its namesake Manu. He is believed to be the progenitor of all human beings in local traditions.

Hotel Natraj, Manali Manali Vashisht temple

Vashisth Temple Baths

A small village situated on the banks of Beas - Vashisth is famous for a spectacular temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama an has hot spring baths - which are believed to contain mythical powers of healing.

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